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H 500
0 300
Iron PLA composite

Designed to find a better balance between our online world and our offline world. LETGO light stimulates people to let their phone go. Literally. Put two phones in the openings of the lamp and the light will turn on, while the phones get charged through qi chargers. Focus on a good offline conversation with nice atmospheric lighting, while your phone charges for new online conversations.

The shape and materials of the design refer to this (un)balance between online and offline. A frame in wood connects the base with its shade, of which the proportions look out of balance. The materials show a natural wooden base in contrast to a modern 3d printed shade in iron or with concrete structure. Whether it is in plywood or ash, the solid base stays natural. The shade is printed in a corn based PLA, covered with a layer of concrete or printed in iron PLA for a rusted effect.

Imkeliene Boersma

+47 920 49 711

Photo by Alric Ljunghager
Download press kit here.