H 1150
W 830
D 700
SH 430


Tenir is designed to make it possible to change between different seating positions. The chair has a static back side and two armrests that can be tilted. This makes it possible to use the chair as an armchair, or as a daybed for a more relaxed seating position. The appearance of the chair is simple, light and soft. Two different wool textiles are used, one on the inner side of the chair and one on the outer side. This gives the chair different expressions depending on which position it is in.
The chair facilitates good conversation, where one can sit or lie down comfortably. The chair is flexible, which makes it appropriate for use both at home and in public spaces. The french word Tenir means hold.

Kristine Matland

+47 975  49 061

Photo by Alric Ljunghager
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