French Press                  Mugs
H 290                             H 80
Ø 110                               Ø 70


Coffee is a conversation starter all over the world. Focusing on environment and sustainability, MANAWA is a two piece French Press made of wood and ceramics. The Hawaiian word Manawa means time, which is essential when it comes to sustainability and needed changes to make global differences. This French Press therefore consists of wood as the main material because it is environmental friendly. The removable bottom made of ceramics, makes it easier to throw the coffee grind away after serving. And gives you the opportunity to use it for something new, since coffee is a recyclable material. As an addition to this product, there is also two coffee mugs made of wood that opens up for a conversation between two people.

Madelene Holten Larsen

+47 479 06 387

Photo by Alric Ljunghager
Download press kit here.